Our olive oil producer

At a time when farmers are really suffering we can help by buying Australian organic oil.

Community Foods stocks high quality organic extra virgin olive oil from an Italian family business based in Leeton New South Wales. The Tocin family have been supplying Community Foods since the late 1990s and they continue to be a source of reliable quality oil.

Have you tried olive oil with Umeboshi plum vinegar over fresh lettuce leaves with a sprinkling of sesame and sunflower seeds? Send us your favourite recipe using olive oil and we'll add it to this website.

One of the co-op's active members was travelling down in NSW and visited the lovely Italian olive farmer we have been purchasing from for about 18 years. His home is situated in Leeton.

AldoHe told stories of how he uses a large oil press in nearby Jerilderie (both these towns are roughly 250km west of Canberra). The person who owns the press has about 400 hectares of olives and exports it all to USA. Aldo has 4 hectares and is certified organic. The organic certification person was actually doing the rounds the very next day, to check his oil press and soil on his farm.

Aldo talked about how they used to get the olives off the trees by hitting them with sticks. That was in the days when he employed 20 people. That has all changed since stricter regulations came in. He'd love to buy a new flash picking machine that shakes the trees, but they cost about $1.8 million! Aldo primarily sells to Melbourne and Sydney suppliers.