Coconut: the wonderfood

Coconut provides many health benefits beyond it's nutritional content. Across Asia and the Pacific the coconut palm is highly valued and coconut oil is often considered the cure for all illness. Termed "the Tree of Life" coconut is both food and medicine.

Community Foods stocks coconut in many different forms including:

Fresh coconuts (sourced locally of course)

Dessicated and flaked coconut

Coconut flour

Fair trade and organic coconut oil

Coconut and vanilla bliss balls

Olive and coconut oil soap

Canned organic coconut milk

Chilled organic coconut water

We also stock the famous coconut tap tool, hand grater, noodle tool and coconut milking bags all designed and made locally.

If you over-eat this Christmas, try a coconut detoxifier by blending 1.5 cups coconut water, 1 cup of fresh or frozen berries, a sprig of fresh mint, juice of 1 lime and some crushed ice.