Uplift the Co-op with our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Our crowdfunding campaign is now LIVE on UPLIFTCAIRNS.ORG! Climb aboard, make a donation, secure one of our yummy gifts, and share your message for the future of the co-op. The campaign is designed to fund improvements to the co-op, such as:

  • To upgrade our kitchen to commercial status so we can hire it to local food startups, facilitate cooking workshops, and enable in-house production of food.

  • To upgrade our web & I.T. systems to enable online shopping.

  • To review the structure of the co-op, including membership, discounts and pricing.

  • To expand our range of local products and become more of a hub for eco-friendly and health-conscious initiatives in the region.

  • Above all, to revamp and revitalise the shop so our community service can reach more people in Cairns.

Last week we launched the campaign with a huge dinner hosted by Cairns Community Kitchen. It was a special night, with great food, lively music and a beautiful atmosphere. Not to mention we raised almost $1,000 towards our goal! Our heartfelt thanks go out to volunteers and visitors alike for making it such a lovely evening.

As always, we invite people to spread the word, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .