Rainforest honey is Back

Those of you who have been awaiting the return of our best-selling rainforest honey can wait no more. It's back!

Due to this year's late Wet Season, and not enough rain when it did rain, the flowers didn't flower, the bees didn't collect pollen and honey wasn't being produced at the usual time of year.

However, the bees got busy once the pollen did start to make an appearance, and Community Foods is again stocking rainforest honey, thanks to the bees kept by beekeeper Robert Martin.

"This is a prime example of global warming in action," says Community Foods Co-Ordinator Peter Reay. "We went through an extended heat wave pattern last year which delayed the start of the Wet Season, and once it did start, we didn't get enough rain to promote anything like real growth and flowering. Plants were just hanging on. Then finally, when the plants did flower, the rain didn't help, because it was making it hard for the bees to collect the pollen they need in order to fill their own hives, let alone produce honey for us."

Peter says add to this the spray drift from agricultural pesticides, and you have a recipe for unhappy bees and even unhappier bee-keepers.

"So all up, we're really pleased to have our rainforest honey, because the story here is not about having honey in the shop, but about having happy bees producing it.