Tablelands Biodynamic & Organic Farmers Co-op

Know your farmer – know your food

We'd like to introduce another wonderful co-op in our region:

Tablelands Biodynamic & Organic Farmers Co-op

This farmer’s co-op was established in 2009 by a group of farmers wanting a local supply outlet for their organic and bio-dynamic produce, that would otherwise travel thousands of kilometres to southern food markets. One of the founders at the time were farming beef and pigs and wanted a local outlet for their meat. All produce in the shop is organic or Biodynamic (BD). Their local produce includes pawpaws, bananas, sapotes, passionfruit, avocadoes, lettuce, kale, bok choy, Chinese greens, basil, tomatoes, capsicums, carrots, corn, pumpkins, zucchini, sweet potato, potatoes, garlic, turmeric, free range BD beef and pigs, nitrate free bacon and ham, pet mince, wild caught fish, local organic spelt bread and organic gluten free breads. They hope to have local pineapples and mangoes grown organically for sale this coming summer!

malanda_april_2012_372There are 7 shareholders and they all also work in the shop. Some volunteer 4 hours a week and others up to 2 days a week. This connects the famrers to the customers - as the shops theme is "Know your Farmer, Know your food". The Farmers Co-op also welcomes other volunteers such as customers wishing to support the co-op. These volunteers receive a 20% discount when they work 4 hours or more a week.

The Farmer’s co-op has created an ‘Approved supplier’ system so smaller growers who are not certified organic or BD can still grow for the co-op. For these smaller farmers it may not be viable to get the costly annual certification, so we will visit their farms, organise soil tests and ensure they’re working to the National Biodynamic and Organic Standards. We go and see how they’re working and what their philosophy is around growing organic vegetables. We are then able to sell their product in the shop as we approve of their method of growing. This gives us a larger variety of produce.

We organise Farmers meetings regularly so that we can plan who is growing what, so we don’t end up with an oversupply of some produce and none of other produce. As well, at these meetings we find the more experienced farmers can help and support the newer growers and help with mentoring.

To meet the demand for local supply of fresh food over summer they are working with farmers who live in the cooler climates of the Tablelands near Ravenshoe to grow food that will be due for harvesting at this time of year as the heat and rainy season in the Atherton and Mareeba Tablelands is not conducive to summer planting.

Until we can get certain fruit and vegies grown locally, we are bringing some up from the Brisbane Organic Wholesalers - such as cauliflowers, broccoli, oranges and apples directly from farmers. Currently we have one farmer planting tropical apples and some starting on cauliflowers, broccoli and celery next winter.

We have a good range of dry goods that are packaged in the shop that Cheryl Kemp (co-op manager) says are very popular.

We also do box deliveries of users choice or surprise boxes for a set amount.

malanda_april_2012_198Please contact us on: (07) 40911268 or
visit us at 7E Herberton Rd Atherton 4883 Queensland, or
email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Monday to Friday 10am - 5.30pm
Sat : 10am - 1pm.